Humble Mumbles

I’m a true fan of the kind who has everything they could ever want/ask for in life, but is humble and giving.

I am not fond of the kind who never do anything or want to do anything, yet always expect things to be handed to them.

Those who manipulate their way into being given everything for free; at the end of your life, what will you have accomplished? Anything that you will be proud of?

We do not get to take our fancy cars and big houses and designer everything and diamond everything into our next life….so why waste this one trying to accumulate so many worthless possessions?
To devalue your soul at the cost of tangible wealth… foolish, it’s a temporary wealth.

Life is too short to be rich and miserable.

When you posses something that came to you freely, that is above being given a $ value, it can never be taken from you, it can never lose its value….
The true nature of one’s character can be seen in how they treat those who could never repay them.

Do something or do many things, which are kind and beautiful…….people my imitate them, and you.

Recognizing and applauding positive power and leadership in another person does not diminish your own greatness.

Never be bullied into silence or allow the noise fof the opinions and thoughts of others  to drown out your own voice.

Search for and find the light in others, then treat them as if that is all you see in them. You will help them gain the confidence to grow in a brighter, warmer direction.

You will get everything you want, when you stop wanting.


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