Imprints of Pleasure <3

Chase me.
Find me.
Show me.
Love me.
Tell me to stay.
Ask the others to leave.
Never leave me.
Lay with me.
Lay in me.
Keep me safe.
Keep me warm.
Be true.
Stay loyal.
Never be anyone less than your true self.
You will find your truth when you dig deeper into your own heart.
Into your own mind.
Back into my mind.
The attention I get from all the rest, I would rather all come from you.
It was always me.
It was always you.
The rest are only here to test.
I am the best version of myself that you have ever thought I was.
As are you to the various versions of yourself I hold close in my mind.
They are all good.
I cant find anything wrong in you.
Nothing makes me want to leave forever.
Everything about you keeps me coming back to you.
I just wish you would make me know that you feel the same toward me.
I just wish for once you would come for me.
I need you….
…to hold me
…to feel me
…to know me
…to hug me tighter
… kiss me first.

……to Love me.

I miss your face, your crooked smile.
After the first time we were separated by shallow/naive/selfish/insecure egos….both ours and theirs.
I assumed you didn’t see me in the same way that I saw you.
You are not selfish, neither am I….not until it is okay for us to be.
It’s okay now.
Im sorry I questioned or ever doubted you.
I miss sleeping with you.
I miss being in your arms.
You love the way I love….it’s rare to find that in another soul.
I promise I wont turn away from you.
I promise to be yours and to never make you question that.



  1. bobby · June 26, 2015

    Wow your like me how crazy .
    I see now but I’m the type of guy who did go after a girl the only girl I ever wanted and loved cause ove never gone that deep for anybody .
    So deep i put her name on me !
    Which I’ve never dun for nobody not even my mother whos no longer on this earth .


    • wordjunk13 · August 23, 2015

      There will always be another love, another girl, another ‘one’…..never the same as another, but always another. Assuming you’ve given up obviously…..
      If not try again, and again, and again……until you don’t want to try anymore. By that point you will have more than likely realized she wasn’t really who or what you wanted though….

      …but that’s just my opinion. =)


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