Sacred Keys

Keys to doors,
keys to chains.
Keys to pianos,
keys to the answers.
So many keys to be sought.
Some are never to be found, others claim they can be bought.
Its the key masters whom we seek to find. For they hold the pieces to unlock the mind.
There is fate, there is destiny, there is chance, and then there is chaos. Not one greater then the other nor can exist alone.
I jump into the quad and await the unknown. Alone or with someone, is it you?


Keys to hearts,
keys to souls,
keys to my nightmares left untold.
Keys to my lips,
keys to my hips,
keys to all of my sacred secrets you wish to unfold.
Don’t you know that they’ve already all been told,
perhaps one day they’ll also be sold…
I gave away all of my keys, i gave them to the one who walked me home.
They belong now,
to my master, for he gave his soul just to save my own.
Now only he has the touch,
that might slip each key, into each locked hush…
Is it me?



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